Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Time limit of departure Cancellation Percentage Status
From To
      In Active
With in 24 hours from the station departure time 100 % Active
1 days 3 days 15 % Active
3 days 7 days 10 % Active
7 days 30 days 10 % Active
When the ticket used for pre/post pone at the time of cancellation done by admin/owner and also when the ticket is used for prepone/postpone 0 % Active
When the ticket is used for prepone/post at the time of booking 100 % Active
After station departure time 100 % Active

The company undertakes no liability in case of cancellation of trips due to breakdown or for reasons beyond the control of the management. However proportionate refund of fare will be allowed in case no alternate arrangement is made

·          Issuing valid ticket (a ticket that will be accepted by the bus operators or their network).

·          Providing refund & support in case of cancellations.

·          Providing customer support in case of delays or other inconvenience.

·          Management is not responsible for your luggages/baggage.

·          The coaches and the passengers are covered by insurance. In the event of accidents and consequential injury, loss of life and any other damages, such contingencies are covered by the insurance.

·          Changes to date or time can be made to your booking if you notify us at least one day prior to the scheduled departure time by visiting our branch/agency counter.

·          If any case bus was dealy operator are not responsiable in case of traffic jaim, bus broke down , alternative arangment..

·          Any passenger disturbing the co-passengers is liable to be alighted from the coach.

·          Processing fee will not be refunded on journey day.

·          In case of open tickets, the fare prevailing at the time of confirmation of journey will be charged.

·          No video service between 12 Midnight to 6 a.m

·          Seats Will Be Confirmed Only After Successful Payment. ( Depending Upon Seat Availability).

·          The passenger should carry the same identity card while traveling. If not this will be treated as ticket less traveling.

·          Ticket Cancellation amount will be credited in your account with in 7 to 10 working days after the refund initiation.

  • With in 24 hours from the station departure time: 100 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 1 to 3 days before station departure time: 15 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 3 to 7 days before station departure time: 10 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 7 to 30 days before station departure time: 10 % Cancellation Charges